In-Person Reentry Simulation

Step into the shoes of the thousands of Americans who face the daunting task of reentering into society after incarceration. “Beyond the Bars: A Gamified Experience” is an innovative, in-person simulation that allows participants to navigate, in real time, through the challenges of reentry and secure livable wage employment.

In this enlightening journey, you’ll adopt a new identity and attempt to overcome a myriad of hurdles such as finding employment, managing limited resources, and fulfilling parole obligations. Equipped with a small sum of money and basic instructions, participants gain firsthand insight into the complexities of reentry, subject to countless variables including the more than 44,000 legal barriers that hinder access to livable wage employment, secure housing, and other basic human needs. Because of these challenges, 65% of formerly incarcerated individuals are rearrested within one year of release, escalating to 83% after nine years.

Each decision you make will alter your course, shaping your fate in this realistic simulation. Engage with unforeseen challenges that shed light on a draconian system and bring you more proximate to the realities encountered by individuals attempting to re enter back into the community, underscoring the necessity for policies that enable access to liveable wage employment and economic mobility.


Host an In-Person Simulation

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