Today, as many as 1 in 3 adult Americans have a criminal record. That’s over 70 million people* who don’t have fair access to living wage work due to outdated hiring practices.

* National Conference of State Legislators (NCLS)

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Ignoring these numbers and the talent behind them isn’t just bad for society — it’s bad for business.

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What if instead, they had a fair chance to join the workforce, start a career, and contribute to communities and businesses?

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Fair chance hiring practices help businesses tap into a new talent pool and create opportunities for everyone to win.

The solution to our labor shortage lies with those who are truly marginalized from the labor market.”
Jeffrey Korzenik, Author of “Untapped Talent”
Businesses can maximize the potential of this invaluable workforce segment and reap the diversity and productivity rewards that come with it.”
Celia Oullette, CEO, Responsible Business Initiative for Justice
Fair Chance hiring is one of the best ways to build a diverse and inclusive culture in your company.”
Daniel Yanisse, CEO, Checkr

A criminal record shouldn’t be a life sentence to unemployment. We believe everyone deserves a fair chance to find living wage work and contribute to society.

Join Us. connects people and businesses through fair chance employment initiatives — activating opportunities to transform lives, strengthen communities, and drive economic growth.

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