The Future
of Work is Fair

Fair Chance hiring practices catalyze innovation, inclusion, and stronger bottom lines for all.

Building a Fairer Future of Work: One Job at a Time

Fair Chance hiring provides business leaders, policymakers, and talent with arrest records the opportunity to build a stronger economy and society.

The Scarlet
“A complex web of statutes and regulations make it all but impossible for people to truly rebuild their lives.”
The Council of State Governments
“Companies can fill workforce gaps and reduce turnover, increasing productivity and cutting on-boarding costs.”
Thomson Reuters
“Companies—of every size and industry, across nearly every state—[say] they're facing unprecedented challenges trying to find enough workers to fill open jobs.”
US Chamber of Commerce
of Work
“It’s human talent, not capital or technology or anything else, that is the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century.”
Korn Ferry

Businesses and society are activating a solution: Fair Chance hiring.

Fair Chance hiring is the practice of employers hiring people with arrest records. This principle is rooted in the idea that every job candidate deserves fair consideration for employment in positions they are qualified for.

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